Saturday, 30 June 2012

Face Of The Day Featuring Estee Lauder Bronze Sands Palette

I recently picked up the Estee Lauder Bronze Sands eyeshadow palette, this is full of gorgeous colours for the summer. I never used to feel comfortable wearing colours like this as I felt the orange tones clashed with my hair but recently I have found that I can get them to work. I really liked the Mac Extra Dimension shadows I got and these shadows are the same formula. They are very metallic and very pigmented.
I used all the colours in the palette, the lighteset gold in the tear duct, darker gold on inner third, orange/bronze on rest of lid and dark brown blended through crease and on upper lashline. I then put the blue under the lower lashes. These colours blend so beautifully, I really do love this eyeshadow formula.

Products Used:
Misha M Perfect Cover BB Cream
Maybelline Mineral Concealer
Make Up Forever HD Powder
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Mac Rose Quartz MSF as blush
Estee Lauder Bronze Sands Palette
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
Mac Angel Lipstick

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Face Of The Day - Golden Bronze

It was my Nan's 82nd birthday on Monday so we went out for a family dinner, it was a bit of a hard day as it was also the first anniversary of my Uncles death so obviously Nan was upset, we tried our best to cheer her up and we spoke about happy times. In the end I think she managed to enjoy the day as much as she could.
I went for a gold/bronze eye and pink lip.

Products Used
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach
Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow as contour
Illamasqua Excite Blush
Mac Rose Quartz MSF as highlight
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil as setting powder
Mac All That Glitters on lid
Mac Mulch in crease and under lower lashline
Mac Shroom as highlight
Mac Avenue Fluidline on upper lasline
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Zero on Waterline
Avon Spectra Lash Mascara
Mac Dervish Lip Liner
Topshop Show Off Lipstick

And I couldn't put up this post without including some pictures of my Nan, I think she looks incredible for 82 and I am very proud of her, we are a very close family so she has always been a huge part of my life. Love her to bits!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nails Of The Week - Water Marble and Tutorial

Since I posted my water marble nails I have had a few requests to put up a tutorial on how I do it so here it is. This time I decided to go for more pastel colours rather than brights. All the nails look different but I like that effect. Whenever I have the water marble on I always get stopped and asked what my nail polish is and where I went to get it done! The colours I used this time where a base coat of Illamasqua Caress, then alternating dots of Illamasqua Caress, Illamasqua Blow, Illamasqua Smash, Illamasqua Force and Avon Loving Lavender.

On to the tutorial:
Step 1:- Get a bowl that you are not worried about ruining and fill it with water, tap water won't work. I use cooled boiled water but bottled water will work as well if you leave it to get to room temperature.
Step 2:-  Paint a light shade as a base on all nails, this doesn't have to be perfect as you won't be able to see it at the end. Tape of the nail you are going to dip. I use two pieces of sellotape, one across at the base of the nail and then a longer piece which goes along one side over the tip of my finger and down the other side. This helps to stop it being too messy and wasting loads of nail polish remover!
Step 3:- Start alternating drops of polish. This can be trial and error as some polishes just don't work and they sink rather than spreading. If that happens just clear off the surface with a cotton pad and start again.
Step 4:- Keep alternating dots until the polishes seem truer to colour on the surface (when you first start dotting the colours will spread a lot so they would come out really faint.)
Step 5:- Draw your pattern in the polish, you can use many different things to do this, I actually use a screw and it works for me. I have tried using cocktail sticks but it always seems to go wrong for me with them. I don't touch the very outer rings of polish as these tend to dry quickly and can mess it up. I pull from the outside in until I have a pattern I am happy with.
Step 6:- Put your finger nail straight into the polish over the pattern you want. Don't push all the way through just submerge your nail and hold it there.
Step 7:- With your nail still in the water use a cotton bud or cocktail stick and pull away all the excess polish as otherwise this will ruin your design when you pull your nail out of the water. Then remove nail from water.
Step 8:- This is the reason for the tape! As you can see the pattern has transferred on to the nail and also on the sellotape.
Step 9:- Remove the sellotape and you are left with just a little bit of clean up around the edges to do.

Step 10:- Remove any leftover polish from the surface of the water with a cotton pad and then repeat for all ten nails!

Obviously this is just the way I do it, there are many different ways and this s just the way I have found that works for me. If you are feeling brave you can dip 2 fingers at a time but just make sure to grab all excess polish between the fingers as it's easy to ruin the design when you pull them out of the water.

So there you go, that's how I do water marbling. I am going to grab my boyfriend next time and get him to film me doing it. I really hope this has been helpful. If you attempt this please let me know and link your photos or blog posts in the comments.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Face Of The Day Featuring Mac Dynamic Duo 3

I had two Debenhams gift cards burning a hole in my purse from my birthday back in March, they had a 10% off event online so I used them to buy some Mac! Can I just say how ridiculous Debenhams checkout is, I had 2 cards totalling £45 but you can only use one method of payment so if you are using a gift card you have to have enough on the card to cover the whole purchase. So in the end I had to place 2 separate orders (it was free delivery) which ultimately would cost Debenhams more! Anyway on to what I got, I picked out the Dynamic Duo 3 which is absolutely gorgeous, its a purple/taupe (veluxe pearl) and teal (matte). Both colours are nicely pigmented and although I wouldn't have thought of pairing them together they work really well.

Products Used:
Clarins Ever Matte Foundation
Maybelline Mineral Concealer
Make Up Forever HD Powder
Nars Orgasm Blush
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Mac Dynamic Duo 3
Purple/Taupe on lid and crease
Teal on outer corners and under lower lashline
Mac Blitz & Glitz Fluidline on upper lashline
Covergirl Lashblast Mascara
Mac Ravishing Lipstick

I have had a bit of a play with the layout of my blog and changed the header, would love to hear you feedback. I am stuck at home at the moment as I managed to step on a plug and cut my foot really badly so need to keep it bandaged, dry and elevated for 5 days, so am incredibly bored of the same four walls!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Nails Of The Week Illamasqua Velocity & Muse French Manicure

I have wanted to try a different coloured French Manicure for ages and finally got round to it. I chose to use Illamasqua Velocity (Dusky purple) and Muse (Teal) both of these colours are incredibly opaque. I used two coats of Velocity all over the nail and waited for that to dry. I then used circle plasters cut in half to create the shape and painted Muse on the tips. I sealed it all with Nails Inc Save The Nail 45 second top coat.
I'm really happy with the way it turned out and am definitely going to try more colour combinations.


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