Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Urban Decay Smoked Palette Review and Swatches

My Mum got this palette for me last week and I have to say I love it! It makes such a change to the Naked palette and I love smokey colours. I was slightly put off getting it at first as a I already have 4 of the colours from other palettes but I am glad I did as I did some comparison swatches and they are different.
Anyway on to the pictures
The palette comes in a zip case which is different from previous ones but I actually really like it, it's safe and secure. There is a decent sized mirror in the lid. You also get a mini primer potion, a full size 24/7 glide on pencil in Perversion and an amazing look book, the instructions are so detailed. I am going to try and work through the book and post the looks as I do them. All of the swatches below are dry without primer.
 From left to right Kinky, Freestyle and Mushroom
 Mushroom, Backdoor and Blackout
 Barlust, Rockstar and Evidence
Evidence, Loaded and Asphalt

Kinky: A gorgeous highlight shade, this is a matte colour but isn't chalky at all.
Freestyle: A subtle matte brown, great for blending
Mushroom: An absolutely stunning taupe, incredibly pigmented and blends like a dream
Backdoor: A matte dark brown, it's slightly more powdery than the other mattes but still nicely pigmented and blendable.
Blackout: One of the most intense matte blacks I have tried.
Barlust: A gorgeous medium bronzey brown, very pigmented and absolutely gorgeous.
Rockstar: A slightly red toned purple, again very pigmented.
Evidence: A navy blue shimmer shade, this is the least pigmented of all the colours but is still decent.
Loaded: A blackened green, this is stunning and blends beautifully.
Asphalt: A gunmetal shade with gorgeous multicoloured shimmer.

I already had Mushroom, Rockstar, Evidence and Loaded from previous palettes so did some comparison swatches, Smoked palette on the left and older ones on the right
There is a huge difference between these two, the swatch on the right is from one of the BOS and as you can see it is much lighter and browner. The new version of this shadow is more intense and a lot more pigmented.
 Not much difference between these two although the newer version was a tad more pigmented.

 Again no real difference here, it felt as though the new version applied a bit easier but the end result is pretty much the same.
This was the only shade that is not as good as a previous release. The swatch on the right is from the 15th Anniversary palette and it is much more pigmented.

Overall I am very happy with this palette, it's such a nice mix of colours and will be perfect for travelling. Have you been tempted by this palette?

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  1. Thats really pretty, some of the colours look a tad too shimmery for my taste, but I am sure I could be tempted :)



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