Monday, 27 August 2012

Nails Of The Week - Ombre With OPI

This was my first attempt at Ombre nails and I really like how it turned out, I had put on two coats of OPI Designer..De Better the day before and I had managed to chip the tips on a couple of nails so decided to give ombre a try using OPI Schnapps Out Of It. I used a washing up sponge cut into 4 pieces and then painted a strip of the base colour and the tip colour next to each other on a plastic wallet and used a cocktail stick to blend the middle. I then pressed the sponge on to the polish then dabbed it on the nail. I think this combination actually went together quite well.
I am definitely going to try this again, I think I will use 3 shades of the same colour and see how that turns out.

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