Monday, 14 May 2012

My Top 10 Mac Lipsticks

I have seen this video doing the rounds on youtube so thought I would jump on the bandwagon! I made sure to only include permanent colours, even though one of them is in limited packaging. I find it so frustrating seeing a gorgeous colour only to find out it's no longer available!
So on to the swatches, I have included hand and lip swatches. Obviously they may look different depending on the natural colour of your lips and skin tone.
This is a gorgeous raspberry shade with a hint of plum. I like the satin formula, it's not overly drying and I find it lasts a decent amount of time on the lips. This is one of my favourite autumn/winter shades. It's very pigmented and can come out dark on the lips if applied directly from the bullet, it can be sheered out if you pat it on or use a lip brush.

This is one of my most reached for lipsticks, its a gorgeous pinky coral and is in my favourite cremesheen finish. It's almost of a combination of a gloss and lipstick. It doesn't last as long as some of the other finishes but it's worth the effort of having to re-apply.
This is a fairly new addition to my collection (I got it with a back to mac, free always feels better!) it's an incredibly bright, almost neon pink with a hint of coral. This is an amplified finish so is incredibly pigmented. It's one that I have been reaching for when the sun has been shining (which hasn't been much lately) and I haven't wanted to wear much other makeup.
On Hold
This is a gorgeous pink/red. It has more of a sheen than a shine like some of the other cremesheen's. It tends to last a bit longer on the lips too. It is decently pigmented and can be applied lightly for a nice pink lip or built up to more of a red.
Costa Chic
This is another fairly new addition. It's a gorgeous orange/coral. On me it shows up as more a straight up coral but I know on some skin tones it can appear almost neon. This is another shade that can be dabbed on for a more subtle colour. I find this slightly drying so make sure to moisturise my lips well before I put it on.
Up The Amp
I have a love/ hate relationship with this one, it is a gorgeous colour and I used to wear it alot but recently I have found it harder to pull off. It's not quite as purple as it looks in this picture. It's an amplified creme so is very pigmented. Even though I am kinda in the hate stage right now it still deserved a place in my top 10.
Creme Cup
This is pretty much the lightest I will go with a lipstick. It's a gorgeous pale milky pink that is just so easy to wear. I tend to team this with more dramatic eye make up. I find this one pretty moisturising and the wear time is decent too.
Hot Gossip
This is my most used lipstick as you can see in the photo I have almost finished it. This is the one I reach for the most when I don't know what to wear.It's a gorgeous neutral pink/mauve. It's not drying and lasts a decent amount of time on the lips.
Ruby Woo
This is a gorgeous blue toned red. It is VERY matte, to the point that I wouldn't recommend applying it straight from the bullet as it may snap but the colour is worth it. Because it's got such a dry texture you really do need to moisturise your lips well as it will cling to any dry patches. It literally lasts all night, it fades into the lips and leaves a gorgeous stain so no need to worry about re-applying.
Russian Red
This is one of my all time favourite reds, it's a matte but it's a lot more glossy than you would normally expect. It's very pigmented and I don't find it drying at all. This is another one that fades to a stain so you don't necessarily have to re-apply.

I hope you have found this useful, I would love to know if you have done a post like this, put a link in the comments and I will check it out if you have!

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  1. Nice selection Jo, I always love Creme Cup on you. You know I love Russian Red but at the moment Watch Me Simmer is my fav. I might have to try out this tag. Did you pick up any of the matching nail polishes that are out the the moment? I got the Russian Red and I am thinking of getting the Impassioned set.



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