Monday, 4 April 2011

Gosh Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen's First Impressions and Review

I saw these swatched over on Liloo's blog and couldn't wait to pick up a few to try. Gosh is currently on 3 for 2 at Superdrug so I didn't feel too guilty about picking up 3!
I picked up Green, Turquoise and Grey.
They have a very fine felt pen type applicator which is quite stiff so it's very easy to control, that being said it's not at all scratchy on the eyelid when applying. You can easily use just the tip for a very fine line or the side of the applicator for a thicker one.
From left to right: Grey, Turquoise and Green

These photo's really don't show just how sparkly these liners are, especially grey which almost looks wet even when it's dried. They can separate a bit in the tube though so before using them make sure to shake them well otherwise they can come out a bit watery, I think it's just because the shimmer tends to sink to the bottom. They are very pigmented and the swatches above are one swipe.
These are like a midway point between normal and glitter liners, you get the definition of a darker liner but also a beautiful shimmer without looking like a disco ball.
Highly recommended!


VampiressDoll said...

This is the first time I've heard or seen these and wow! I'm going to have to look out for them. :)

Love, B said...

Holy wow, I love that applicator! They're so shiny, too <3.

Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

I have one of their old ones and I love it, the colour range alone is fantastic and combined with the staying power, they're onto a winner!

LionLovingTiger said...

I picked up the Brown one last week and think it's fab. They had sold out of black but I'm going to keep popping in to try to get my hands on them. They're amazing for the price and I think the wand is really easy to use.


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