Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My Favourite Blushes

I thought I would share my favourite blushes of the moment, these do change but right now I am loving these.
On to the swatches, I have put a heavy swatch on the left and a blended one on the right in all photos.
I think pretty much every make up addict owns this blush, it was my first Nars purchase. I don't know that it is worthy of all the hype that surrounds it but I do still really like it. It's a beautiful peachy pink with gold shimmer. I know there are a few drugstore dupes of this available.
I think if I had to choose just one blush this would be it. It looks scary in the pan as its a very bright pink verging on red but blended on the cheeks it's just gorgeous. On me it is a perfect natural flush. This is very pigmented though so a light hand is essential.
I love and hate this blush, its a beautiful muted pink colour that looks gorgeous when blended in but I have a bit of a problem with the formula, it's quite sticky and I just don't really like the feeling if it on my face. It is a convertible colour so is designed to be used on lips as well as cheeks which is probably why it has the texture that it does. Once it is blended in it does lose the stickiness but it does still put me off slightly.
This is my favourite cream blush, it is a perfect peachy/pink colour. I find it really easy to work with as it blends like a dream and it lasts really well on the skin.
This is a pretty new addition to my collection, its a lovely pinky/peach. I am impressed with the formula of this and find that it is very long lasting. It looks a lot more orange in the picture than it does in real life.
I was recommend this blush by one of the MUA's in the pro store and it's a lovely pink, again a light hand is needed as it is very easy to apply too much and end up with clown cheeks! My only issue with this blush is the staying power, I find that it does fade throughout the day more than some of my other blushes.

This was another one that was recommended to me, I would probably never have picked this one on my own as it looks a bit too orange in the pan but I'm glad I listened. I do find this one slightly more tricky to apply though as it is easy to end up looking tangoed!

Are there any must have blushes I am missing here? Any recommendations for me?

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  1. Great favourites, I need MAC Peaches in my life. :)



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