Monday, 28 March 2011

Accessorize Eye Dusts Haul

I know I was supposed to be on a no buy but I couldn't resist getting these, I just have no willpower! Whenever I am in Superdrug I always look at the Accessorize stand and usually there is something that catches my eye. I have looked at the eye dusts before but never purchased one. Today I noticed that they were all half price, at £1.50 how could I resist! I picked up 3 shades, the swatches are dry with no base.

This is an absolutely gorgeous colour, it's a purple/taupe with a beautiful shimmer running through it, I can see myself using this a lot.
Wild Moss is a gorgeous golden green, it reminds me of Mac's Golden Olive pigment.
This is a copper/brown, I am not sure if I will be able to pull of this colour but for £1.50 I was willing to take the risk! I think this would look gorgeous on someone with a darker skintone.

I am really impressed with the quality of these pigments, the swatches are two swipes at most with no base and they adhere to the skin really well. Have you tried any of these?


  1. I cant help but think I would be put off by the looks of the packaging as they remind me abit of the cheap collection 2000 eye dusts. However I must say I am impressed with how pigmented they are! Now if only my local superdrug had an accessorize stand! lol.

    Lauren x

  2. Copper Rose looks amazing. Are these wet/dry shades? Like say, could you use them as a liner? That would be even better!

  3. @ Laurenxx I have to agree and I think that's probably what put me off buying them before but they really are great quality.

    @ Love,B Yes you can use them wet, I have a post scheduled where I use them as liners.



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