Monday, 30 November 2009

Glamour Doll Eyeshadow Haul

I finally got round to placing a little order with Glamour Doll Eyes, I ordered 5 eyeshadow samples and 3 eye light (glitter) samples.

I ordered jars rather than bags as I find them so much easier to use. The eyeshadows were $3.50 each for 0.6 grams of product. You can see here that you do actually get a decent amount, to be honest with the amount of make up I have this is perfect as the chance of me using up a full size is unlikely!

I haven't had a chance to play with them properly but here are some quick swatches

Left to Right: Makin' a scene, Skinny Jeans, Jealousy, Trend setter and Ladies Night

I got two free sample baggies with my order, in Leather & Lace and Katie's Storm
The eyelights are gorgeous, they are really finely milled glitter. They remind me of Mac's refelects glitter, here they are swatched over the kryolan black supracolour. These are $2.60 for 0.6 grams of product.

Top to Bottom: Monster Mash, Techno and Hollywood

Shipping is free with samples, including internationally. The other great thing is that if you love the product and want to order the full size they will deduct the price of the sample from the full sized jar.
I won't lie, shipping was really slow, I ordered on the 29th September and it was shipped on the 26th October. I received the package on the 14th November! I was begining to worry that I would never get them! They do post updates on the website and at the time I ordered there was a problem with the jars so thats probably why it took longer. I did email a couple of times asking when my order would be shipped and I got a quick reply with an estimated date.

Have you tried any other shades from Glamour Doll?

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Neutral Face Of The Day

I haven't posted a face of the day in ages but looking at it this one is not that different than the last one although using all different products!
Products used:
Bobbi Brown Corrector Light Bisque
Maybelline Mineral Foundation
Mac Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Illamasqua Lover Blusher
Mac Bare Study Paint Pot
Mac Style Snob on lid
Mac Sable in crease
Mac Twinks in outer v
Mac Shroom as highlight
Shu Uemura ME500 under lower lashes
Joe Fresh black eyeliner
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Mac Total Wow and Colour Crafted mixed together, I actually really like this!

As usual by the time I got round to taking the photos there was no natural light left at all! I am so sick of this weather, it literally hasn't stopped raining in a day and a half!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Tiny Mac Haul and Eye Of The Day

I found out that Selfridges are having a 20% off sale until Sunday this week, if you want to print out the voucher then click here, so I decided it was time to treat myself to the Philosophy Have A Cherry Christmas 3 in 1, typically it was sold out! So I decided to take a quick look at Mac, I have avoided looking at the christmas sets as I just don't need anymore but this mineral duo caught me eye, its in the shade "Under Your Spell" and I love it. Did I need it? Not at all but it still came home with me! As usual there is only 10% off on cosmetics & fragrance but it was better than nothing!
I had to play with it as soon as I got home and it's gorgeous! I won't lie, the cresent is pretty much pressed glitter but it does have some colour to it. In this picture I have the main colour all over the lid and then the cresent shade blended into the crease, I applied it with the Mac 217 and tapped off the brush first to get rid of most of the glitter, as you can see it does deposit some colour.

The next picture is with flash, it washes the colour out a bit but it shows the shimmer off really well.
Please ignore the state of my eyebrows, I am going to get them threaded on Saturday! I think I am going to go back and get Blue Sorcery as I really liked that one too, maybe Philosophy will get there delivery, I am obsessed with anything Cherry scented so I need to get this! Do you know of anywhere else in london that sells Philosophy apart from Selfridges and John Lewis??

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Nails Of The Week - H&M Sinful Senorita

I have one word to describe this polish....incredible!!
I will be honest I wasn't expecting much, it was £3.99 in H&M and although it looked gorgeous and holographic in the bottle I thought it would be pretty sheer. I thought wrong! It was pretty much opaque in one coat, I did a second just to be sure, top coat is Leighton Denny Crystal Finish.
I honestly couldn't get a picture that did the holo justice but I did my best!
With Flash on top without underneath

This picture shows the holo a bit better, particularly on my little finger nail but its out of focus!

They had this in four colours - Red, Purple, Silver and Gold. I think I am going to be going back for the two I didn't get!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

My Top Ten Lipsticks

Now I know full well that this line up will probably change in the not too distant future but these are my top 10 lipsticks as of right now.
Top Row L-R All Mac: Hot Gossip, Total Wow, Up The Amp, Most Popular, London Life
Bottom RowL-R: Maybelline Midnight Plum and Hollywood Red, Kryolan LC124, Revlon Cherries In The Snow, Illamasqua Wanton
With Flash

Without Flash

I had no idea until I started swatching these how similar a lot of them are! As you can see there are no nude lipsticks here, I honestly have never found one that doesn't make me look like a corpse! I obviously have a preference for purple, red and pink toned lipsticks!
Do you have a favourite lipstick?

Monday, 23 November 2009

Products I'm loving this month

I thought I would start posting monthly favourites as I love reading other peoples!
So here are the top ten products I have been loving this month

Cetaphil gentle cleanser: I seriously love this stuff, I had my skin analysed at the begining of this month and a mild creamy cleanser was one of the product recommendations. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and I really do like it, it removes all make up and my skin is feeling softer and it even seems to have helped calm down the redness on my cheeks.

Nars Habanera Duo: I think if I could only have one eyeshadow (or two as this is a duo) this would be it, its such a gorgeous sparkly plummy colour and a super pigmented mint green. They colours complement each other really well and I can see myself using this a lot for the Christmas parties coming up.

Stila Smudge Pot In Black: This is by far the best gel eyeliner I have ever used. I have Mac, Sleek and Smashbox in my collection and this outshines them all. Its the darkest black and has the perfect consistency.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque: This is still my go to concealer for my under eye circles, I constantly buy concealers hoping to find one that erases them completely but this is the one I keep going back to.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation: I am so glad I got this at the Maybelline event, I remember buying this when it first came out and really liking it but just never repurchased it. It's best applied with fingers and is so quick and easy when I am rushing out in the mornings.

Mac MSF Natural Light: This is the best setting powder I have tried so far, it gives just a bit more coverage and really evens out my skintone.

Mac Hot Gossip Cremesheen Lipstick: This is just such a perfect colour for me, its a purple toned pink and is the one that I find myself reaching for most days.

Illamasqua Rude Cream Blush: This is still one of my favourite products, it's a gorgeous colour and lasts all day.

Maybelline Colossal Mascara: Still loving this, of all the mascaras I have tried this is one of the best for volume.

Mac Style Snob Eyeshadow: This is still the one I find myself reaching for the most when I am in a rush in the mornings, its such a gorgeous unique shade and looks great with minimal effort!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Nails Of The Week Part 2 - OPI Merry Midnight

If you are only going to pick up one colour from this years OPI holiday collection I think this should be it!! It's a gorgeous purple base with blue and purple glitter and red flakes that flash yellow and green! It is a totally unique and incredible colour!
It is very sheer, I put on 4 coats to even it out completely, I think it will work really well layered over a dark polish, either black or purple. Removal of this was fine too which is something I was worried about as the the flakes in Mac's Baby Goth Girl refused to come off!!

Here is a closer picture, this one really shows up the different colours both on the nails and in the bottle!

It does need a good layer of top coat to even out the surface, I used Leighton Denny's Crystal Finish.

Do you have a favourite from this collection?

Friday, 20 November 2009

30 Seconds To Mars

On Monday night I was lucky enough to see 30 Seconds To Mars at Koko in Camden, its a gorgeous venue and a great setting for concerts. Its pretty small though so any gigs here tend to sell out really quickly!
I have loved Jared Leto since I watched My So Called Life when I was younger, me and the majority of my friends were all in love with Jordan Catalano!
One of my friends got me listening to 30 Seconds To Mars a couple of years ago and I was hooked. A Beautiful Lie is one of my favourite albums. Their new album comes out next month so this show was promotion for that although they only did 2 new songs and the rest of the set was made up of older songs. It was a really relaxed show, Jared was really talkative and took requests from the crowd. After the show the band stayed to sign for us, luckily we were near the front of the queue but we were told over the tannoy that the band would sign for everyone and it could take up to 2 hours!!
Here are a couple of pictures from the show, we were actually near the back of the ground floor but my camera has a decent zoom!

If you haven't heard any of their music this is the music video for their new single.

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Kings + Queens - HD

30 Seconds to Mars | MySpace Music Videos

They have announced an arena tour for next year, I can't wait!!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Nails Of The Week - OPI Smitten With Mittens

Ok I am officially in love with this colour! Its an almost blood red shade with glitter. In the bottle it looks like gold glitter but once applied it looks red. This is 3 coats, 2 was virtually perfect but I added another to even it out. I used Leighton Denny Crystal Finish Top Coat.

Here is a closer shot just so you can see the glitter a bit more. Excuse my shoddy application, this was before clean up!

I did a quick swatch of this comparing it to Ruby Pumps, this is just one coat on clear plastic and you can see that this is a darker shade of red. Smitten With Mittens on top, Ruby Pumps underneath.

If you are interested in seeing a proper comparrison of these two on the nails please let me know!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

OPI and H&M Nail Polish Haul

I finally got to check out the OPI holiday colours and I picked up three. Merry Midnight was the one I knew I wanted, its a gorgeous purple with flakes and glitter. Smitten With Mittens is a slightly more grown up Ruby Pumps, it's a deeper red shade, the glitter looks gold in the bottle but just looks red on the nail. Holiday Glow is a gorgeous brown/plum with silver glitter, its a beautiful colour and I can't wait to use it!

I was really tempted to get Glove You So Much which is a really dark shimmery maroon but I resisted as I'm sure I will be able to find a cheaper dupe for this.

I then had a quick look in H&M and spotted these Holo polishes, they also had Silver & Gold but I already have China Glaze polishes in those colours. These were only £4 each, I am really looking forward to trying these with Konad!

Expect to see these as nails of the week soon!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

ELF haul - They have the quickest shipping in history!!

I placed an order for some of the new Elf Studio Range products yesterday at 12.30, two hours later I had an email saying my order had shipped and the postman brought it to my door this morning! I really am so impressed with the turn around on Elf orders, the longest I have ever had to wait was a couple of days.
So onto the goodies, me and my Mum combined orders to get free shipping although I wasn't far off £30 on my own!

Eyeshadows in Coffee Bean, Mystic Moss and Pebble

Eye Transformer and Corrective Concealer Palette

Blush Brush and Blush in Mellow Mauve

I haven't had a chance to play with these properly yet but will do reviews once I have. I just did a quick experiment with the Eyeshadow Transformer on top of the Kryolan Black Supracolor, I really can't wait to try these properly! Here is a picture of the swatches.

Is there anything else from the Studio range you would recommend?

Friday, 13 November 2009

Nars Haul and why do they want me to be Orange?

I went into John Lewis this week to see the Nars holiday collection, I picked up the Brousse Eyeshadow Duo and was talked in to the Multiple set. I really like the Taiga duo too but as I have just bought Cleo I really couldn't justify another green duo right now, will be putting this on my Christmas list though!!

I really do like the Brousse duo, both colours are pretty dark but wearable and they blend really nicely together, I think the purple side in this will look really nice with the purple side in Habanera.

 I was talked into the Multiple set and to be honest I do have buyers remorse. I haven't owned one before and the MUA was explaining all the ways they can be used and in a moment of weakness I caved. But unfortunately as I feared they are super shimmery! I tried Orgasm today and all I could really see on my cheeks was glitter! South Beach is a pretty colour but again its super shimmery. Copacabana is a lovely highlighter and is the only one of the 3 that I can see myself using regularly. It's about time I learnt that impulse buys are never a good thing!

So whilst paying I asked the MUA if I could have a sample of some foundation to try, she offered to do my makeup for me but as I was on a lunch break I didn't have time! She spent ages going through the samples and looking at my face and then gave me a sample of the Sheer Matte and Sheer Glow foundations. They didn't have my colour in Sheer Glow so she gave me the next shade just so I could how it feels on the skin. Anyway the colour she matched me too was Deauville, I said to her that I was shocked that I was the 4th shade as normally I am matched to the lightest shade available! She assured me that this would be perfect, this is all without actually trying any on my skin, not even on my hand.
I had the day off today and thought I would try it and all I am going to say is that thank goodness I wasn't going anywhere, as soon as I opened the sachet I knew it would be way too dark, I put it on my face and honestly I looked like I had been Tangoed! Here is a swatch on my hand thickly on the top and blended in underneath.

Yeah as you can see not gonna work!! It's a shame as I actually really liked the feel of it on my skin! Have you picked up anything from any holiday collections? I am trying really hard to resist the Mac holiday collection, I am hoping they will reduce it nearer to Christmas like they did last year!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dreamworld Minerals - an all round great experience!

Since I started blogging and following so many I have heard so many raves about mineral eyeshadows, I have a few from Everyday minerals but I wanted to try a couple more. I am still waiting for one order to arrive (I ordered at the end of September!!) but I was very happy on Monday that my order from Dreamworld Minerals arrived, I had heard of this brand on Fresco Phyrra's Blog I ordered a mix of sample bags, these are great as they are only $1 each and shipping to the UK was $3.50. They also have lots of discounts available so its always an idea to check the main page to see what voucher is current. They do say that shipping can be slow but I ordered mid October and received them this week which to me is a pretty quick turnaround! Anyway, here are the colours I ordered.

Top row l-r: Mirror Dust, Fairey Moss, Ariel, Gemini, Morganna's Garden, Witch's Cloak, Dragon Gold
Bottom Row l-r: Annie Laurie, Indera, Shimmering Seas, Gothic Sapphire, Hade's Fire, Vampire Lust

I have had a chance to have a quick play with these today and I have to say they are all really pigmented, all of the shades I picked are shimmery but she does have a selection of Matte shades. She also put in a sample of the Night Minerals which is a product to put on before bed after washing the face. I haven't tried this yet but will let you know what I think once I have! Communication was fantastic, I had a couple of email questions and Ellie got back to me really quickly!
Here are a couple of very quick and simple eye looks I came up with today.

Ariel in the inner corner, Shimmering Seas on the rest of the lid and Hade's Fire in the crease

Indera on inner corner, Mirror dust on lid (love this colour) and Vampire Lust in the crease

I absolutely love the names of these shadows! I will definately be ordering some full size jars in the future!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

X Factor Rock Week...What a joke!!!

Along with the majority of the population of the UK I have been watching the X Factor every week! As a self confessed rock chick I was really looking forward to rock week! But truthfully it was a bit of a let down!
Jamie is my favourite, I love his gravely voice but I thought they should have given him a much bigger song and let him really belt it! His version of Sex On Fire in the auditions was awesome and I wish they had let him sing a big song like that again!
I was really surprised by Lucie, she took on Sweet Child O' Mine and she actually did it really well, I personally think her voice really suited a rockier song!
Joe did a good version of Journey's Don't Stop Believing although I agreed with Simon on the rather odd and distracting dancers in the background!
And oddly I think my favourite of the night was Olly, truthfully I really didn't like him that much before but I thought the song suited him perfectly last night. He performed it really well, apart from the odd shirt ripping moment!
Rachel was ok but not that memorable if you know what I mean!
Although I think Stacey is a great singer and she is one of my favourites I really think they should have given her something better than Keane to sing! I mean she can really belt out the high notes so she could have done an awesome version of a big power ballad!
And then the bad
I'm sorry but on what planet is Katy Perry I Kissed A Girl considered rock! I think Cheryl is really struggling with finding the right songs for Lloyd!
Danyl I have really liked from the begining but his version of I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing last night was bloody awful, it was out of tune, out of time and just bad!
The horror twins John & Edward, I think Freddie Mercury must have been turning in his grave last night as these two absolutely murdered We Will Rock You! I think the joke has gone way too far now, yes they are so bad they are funny but I dread to think what song they will ruin next!

And tonight Lloyd and Rachel were in the bottom two and Rachel went home which I really do think is a shame as the two jokes that can't sing are still there when someone who has an actual talent for singing has been sent home! Although I do think her Stacey impression last week might have had something to do with it!

And what was Cheryl's dress about last night, I usually love her style but that thing was awful!

I was really happy to see Bon Jovi on tonights show, although I am still pissed off with them about the price of the tickets for their O2 shows next year, more than £200 for a half decent seat is a joke! We settled for the cheap seats although even they weren't that cheap!
Sorry about the lack of posts this weekend, I have a really bad cold and am just sat wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa!


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