Tuesday, 24 February 2009

NYX Haul!


I am so behind!!!! Spent way too much money last week and this is the first of 3 hauls, I also have a mini MAC haul and some more ELF stuff. There will be no shopping this week though as I will be spending enough on Hello Kitty next week!!!

Anyway, after hearing so much about NYX I really wanted to try them. When I was in New York in January I looked all over for them but couldn't find them anywhere! Then a couple of weeks ago Lollipop26 posted a video about an online store that sells NYX products! I went over and placed an order and it arrived yesterday, the postage was really reasonable. Anyway the website is http://www.mscuppycakes.com/ and I would highly recommend both it and the products! So here is what I got and some swatches without a base.

These are the Jumbo eyepencils, they make great bases!

These are the round lipsticks, they are really nice and since they are only $1.25 you can't really go wrong!

There is a huge selection of these on the website and also all the other types of makeup NYX do and they are all really reasonably priced, they are actually cheaper than on the NYX website. They also stock Red Cherry eyelashes and they are only $2!!
Hope this helps anyone that was looking for these products! If you have tried NYX let me know if there is anything I must have or that you would recommend!
Jo x

Monday, 9 February 2009

Everyday Minerals Haul

I was so happy to come home today and see my Everyday Minerals package had arrived! When you place an order you can also get a free sample kit with 3 foundations, 1 blush and a concealer.
I ordered the sample kit and 4 eyeshadows and I have to say I am really impressed!!! The whole order including shipping came to about £12.
I got a mix of types of foundation in different finishes, the original glo gives a really nice dewy finish and Intensive gives more coverage. I have to say I have read reviews saying these are really hard to buff in to the skin but I honestly haven't found this. I also got the sunlight concealer and this is amazing on under eye circles!!

I ordered the eyeshadows in sample size (1g) they were only $2.50 each and this is a comparison in size to a Gosh effect powder.

Here is a swatch without flash using Primer Potion as a base the colours
from left to right are : Mystic Night, Starry Eyed, In The Garden, Snowflakes
And here is a picture with flash.
I am really really impressed with these shadows, they are great value for money! To be honest I think you get more than enough in the sample size!
Hope this was helpful!

Friday, 6 February 2009

New No7 Brushes!!!

I went into boots (UK Drugstore) today and I noticed that No7 have some new brushes, a couple of these are very similar to MAC brushes so I have taken a couple of pictures to compare! Obviously these brushes are much cheaper than MAC but they are synthetic. These brushes are £6 each!!!! Hopefully I can save someone some money!!!

Ok the first one is No7 Blend & Contour brush, as soon as I saw this I thought of the MAC 217! This is not quite as fluffy as that one but it is actually softer. This has synthetic bristles though. I have the Holiday Short Handled 217 and they are about the same size, here is a picture of the two together!

The other brush is the No7 Smokey Eyeliner brush, this does the same job as the MAC 219. Its a bit smaller than the MAC brush but that is better really as it allows more precise application of shadow, especially to the lower lash line as I sometimes find the the 219 gives a really thick line!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

ELF haul!!

My ELF order arrived this morning yay!!! I saw loads of reviews of these products on here and thought I would give them a go! Me and my Mum did a joint order so we got the free shipping for spending over £30! For those of you that don't know everything at ELF (Excluding Mineral products) is £1.50! For that you really can't go wrong!!!
Anyway, this is what I got and my opinion on them...

From top to bottom:

Brightening eyeshadow in Luxe and Drama, I really wasn't expecting much from these! You get 4 shadow shades and I have to say they are really pigmented! I really love the Drama pallette, there is a gorgeous dark grey!!
Duo Eye shadow cream in Black Licorice, to be honest this was the only product I was not amazed with, the colour pay off is not great and you need to put a lot on to get decent coverage and with cream shadows there is always the risk of creasing the thicker it is!
Dramatic Eyelashes, these are fine for £1.50, they are really long so might need a bit of a trim but they are fine!
Elf custom eye pallette, this was £1.50 and the best thing is it fits MAC shadows!!! So I picked up 4 pan shadows to fill it and save myself a bit of money!

As you can see they fit fine!!! The colours in there are Knight Divine, Contrast, Silver Ring and Twinks!

And more ELF! Natural radiance blusher in Innocence, this is really nice, its not chalky and is a gorgeous light pink colour.
Healthy glow bronzing powder in Luminance, this is not really a bronzer, its more of a highlighter as its really shimmery, its great for that purpose though!
Eyeshadow brush, this is a nice brush, the bristles are soft and its got a nice long handle!
2 Moisture care lip colours in Bark and Pink Lemonade, this are really nice and they smell minty!
Hypershine lipshine in Fairy, this is a gorgeous shimmery pink and it smells like candy floss!!!

Overall I would really recommend trying ELF products, considering the price they are really good quality and the shipping is really fast!!


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