Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I caved - my first YSL Rouge Volupte!

Yesterday I had an hour to fill after work before going out for dinner so I had a look round the shops. I went into Debenhams and swatched some of the YSL Rouge Voluptes, this was a big mistake! I have resisted even swatching them in the past as I think £20 for a lipstick is crazy but I was bored and they were calling to me!
In all honestly there were only two that I liked, the one I got and No 12 (Forbidden Burgundy I think), although I loved No 12 its such a dark colour that I don't know how often I would wear it. A lot of the shades are nudes which looked lovely swatched but just don't suit me at all! I had a £10 gift voucher from work lurking in my purse so decided to treat myself!

So I introduce you to the newest and definately most expensive member of my lipstick collection, YSL Rouge Volupte No 9 Pink Caress

I would say that the swatch without flash is definately more true to colour.

My initial thoughts are a bit mixed, I really like the colour and it applies completely opaque and glossy. I found it very long lasting, I wore it to work today and after two cups of coffee and about 3 hours the colour was still there but I have found that the glossiness fades really quickly, within half an hour or so. I also did find it a bit drying which really surprised me, it's not as drying as a lot of lipsticks but I guess I just expected a £20 lipstick to be a bit more moisturising!!

I am happy with this one but I can't really see myself getting anymore, honestly I couldn't afford it but I am glad that I now have one in my collection!

Do you have a favourite Rouge Volupte?


  1. wow my fave is no 4 !
    but after trying them,it doesnt last that long and i guess its not worth $$
    but how come its so expensive there?
    its like only USD24 here !so cheaper?hehe

  2. @ Vanilla - I will have to have a look at no4!
    You are really lucky, everything is more expensive here!

  3. Expensive! But it does look nice though! x

  4. II love these, my fave is no. 13 but I want 1 and 1 as well!

    this one is going to look so good on you!

  5. I own three, Lingerie pink is my fave, but I am also lemming the two new reds in the collection...

  6. They are absolutely gorgeous though, I'm resisting for now, but I don't have the strongest will power in the world ;) I think my most expensive lippie atm is probably one of those long lasting Maxfactor ones, is it lip miracle or something?

  7. It certainely looks like it was worth caving for! *drools* :) x



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